Come To Ramona To Chat, Stroll And Taste At Elliott Pond.

Elliott Pond

At Elliott Pond, you'll see a lot of people. Our town square, with its restaurants and events, will be Ramona’s social center. It will also make Ramona a place to go to, not just go through.

Our residential streets will likewise provide excellent people watching. Every house and townhome will have a large front porch, and always within conversational distance from the sidewalk.

Consistent with Ramona’s heritage, Elliott Pond will be rural, agricultural and small- town. So, in addition to people, you’ll see barns, farm animals, community gardens, farmhouses and migratory birds.

Town Square

Here you will enjoy Ramona’s small-town friendliness and:

Outdoor Movies
Live Music
Farmers Markets
Art Exhibits
Dog Park
Wine Tasting
Beer Tasting
Free Wi-Fi
Big Screens
Homework Center
Chess Tables
Fitness Center
Local Cheeses
High School Plays
Gospel Breakfasts
Senior Aquatics
Bird Watching

Yoga Classes
Art Classes
Music Classes
Cooking Classes
Local Ice Cream
Candidate Debates
Gourmet Coffee
Bird Watching
Bridge Club
Barn Dances
Indoor and Outdoor Dining
Pep Rallies


Think of your ten favorite neighborhoods. Here’s how good we are at reading your mind: all ten of your choices were built before 1940.

Those great old neighborhoods were not built by a lost race of men. They followed design principles giving maximum consideration to pedestrians.

In laying out Elliott Pond, we followed those same principles – narrow streets, shaded sidewalks, and worthy destinations within a safe, 5-minute walk: our town square, shopping center, schools. Plus, by building front porches on all our houses, we offer residents the best view in the world – other people.

Altogether, our residential will include 44 single-family detached houses, 17 townhomes and 13 apartments. With walking made pleasant, and with many fun and useful destinations within a 5-minute stroll, it's a solid bet our residents will enjoy good health and good social lives.

The Site

Too old to drive? Too young? No problem! At Elliott Pond, you can get almost every place you need to go in 5 minutes on foot or by bike. A 2- minute walk north gets you to a shopping center with a supermarket, 3 restaurants, pharmacy, nail salon and UPS Store. A 5-minute walk south gets you to 5 schools – 3 elementary, a middle school and a high school.

Of course, on site, you’ll have community farms, homework center, pocket parks, office space and a lively town square.

Your social life? Busy!

History of Site

We will adorn the town square area with a number of plaques describing Elliott Pond’s rich, pioneer history, including its transfer as part of an 1844 Mexican Land Grant, when Mexico still owned California.

Skipping ahead, in 1918, 23-year old Adrian Beaufort (“A.B.”) Elliott bought the 22-acre ranch from the family of Daniel McIntosh, another family still prominent in Ramona. He and his wife Ruth raised cattle. In 1944 they concocted a sideline business idea. They started by paying their friend Jack to use a horse- drawn scraper to excavate eight tenths of an acre – to create a pond. They then pumped water into it. Their plan? Raise and sell turtles. The business didn’t pan out, but the pond became a beautiful Ramona landmark.


Wine, Horses, Hiking, Golf, Tennis, Bicycling, Cows, Chickens, Rodeo, Art, Telecommuting, Small-town friendliness.

Ramona population: 30,000, give or take. It’s unincorporated, so has no borders.
36 miles to downtown San Diego.
30 miles to the ocean.
13 miles to the nearest community – Poway.


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Jim Hagey

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Misha Rjazanov



Wylie Architecture. Ramona, California
Braulio Casas Architects. Seaside, Florida and Santa Monica, California
Allison Ramsey Architects. Beaufort, South Carolina
Moser Design Group. Beaufort, South Carolina

Snipes-Dye Engineering. Son Nguyen, Project Manager
Linscott Law & Greenspan. John Boarman, Traffic Consultant
AECOM. Doug Roff, Groundwater Consultant

Founding principal of Red Leaf Village Company
Graduate of Stanford University and the University of Virginia School of Law.
Licensed California Real Estate Broker.
Member of the Bar of the District of Columbia.
“With Elliott Pond, the goal is to build Mayberry. We have the perfect location, don’t you think?”
Was once 71st-ranked tennis player in the world. Jim HageyJim
Chief Financial Officer and Chief Technology Officer,
Vanguard University of Southern California, Bachelor, Business Administration and Management, Summa Cum Laude;
Point Loma Nazarene University, Master of Business Administration/Project Management Michael Rjazanov photoMisha