Our Starting Point: Shaded, Social, Narrow Streets

Elliott Pond's lifestyle is founded on walking. We planned well for drivers. We planned extremely well for pedestrians.

Our aim is to make walking a pleasure, and a safe one. Why? So residents will get to know their neighbors; kids can walk to parks, stores, the swim & tennis club, schools and friends' houses; parents will not have to be chauffeurs so much; seniors can still live high-quality lives even after failing eyesight prevents them from driving; and the health of all age groups will rise.

Our strategies for a great pedestrian experience:

  • Tree-canopied sidewalks and streets
  • Edible landscaping (apple trees, peach, cherry, plum, grapes, blackberries, tangerines, blueberries) near the sidewalks and parks
  • Narrow streets (easy to cross and they slow cars)
  • Small front setbacks to make streets feel cozy
  • Benches
  • Trellises
  • Pocket parks
  • Large parks
  • Large front porches on every house
  • Drinking fountains
  • Alleys (for garages, trash, utility meters)

Destinations within Elliott Pond:

  • Large playing field for sports and picnics
  • Pond
  • 4 Restaurants
  • Bowling Alley
  • Bookstore & other retail
  • Offices for those fortunate enough to work so close to home
  • Swim & Tennis Club (for residents and friends)
  • Friends' houses within Elliott Pond (you will soon know everyone)

Destinations just outside Elliott Pond (within a safe, 5-minute walk of the community):

  • An elementary school
  • A middle school
  • A high school (well, this one's more like a fifteen minute walk)
  • A full shopping center with a supermarket, pharmacy, restaurants, video store, ice cream shop                                       
  • Office building with leasable space
  • Medical center
  • Post Office (eight minutes)